Where it

All began


A long time ago in a suburb not so far away…from Perth

It began many years ago, perhaps as it has for many craft breweries, when a few like-minded individuals unable to satiate their appetites for good, well-made beer, decided they'd have to make it themselves.


How hard could it be?

Buoyed by homebrew-fuelled enthusiasm, industry education and early competition success, our Brew Crew decided to go commercial. It was time to build a bigger system!


Ever built a Brewery?

Construction began on a large limestone shed set back amongst the Jarrah and Marri trees of the South West. Now it was serious... and the equipment collection commenced as the Brew House was beginning to take shape.


Wedgetail Brewing Pty Ltd is formed

Brewing was a continuous process throughout this time, as was the tasting. However, by now our Wedgetail Brew Crew had installed a a 100-litre system to develop the test brews. They were also trialing a unique mashing process to provide precise control over mash temperatures in the continuous search for quality and consistency.

From this trial Wedgetail's full-size Mash Tun was designed, quite possibly the only one of its kind in the country.


The big stuff arrives!

As good as they are at building stuff, fabricating a kettle and fermenters was a bit of a stretch. So the Brew Crew dug deep and bought off the shelf…


Licence to commit brewing!

Wedgetail Brewing is now officially licensed to brew and sell beer. Our first sale being a spin off from a test brew, a flavoursome 6 per cent Maple Ale.


Time to give up the day job

Production on the 1000-litre system completes and thankfully - it all worked. Maybe not perfectly the first time, but Wedgetail exceeds all targets due to the efficiency of the mash system.

First brews...a Pilsner, then a Pale Ale, and a Red IPA.. and we’re off!